Tuesday, April 30, 2013

AXON Cable Sleeve and Tool Pack

Most of you guys have known me for overclocking, building high power lasers, and occasionally forum spamming. But over the years I’ve hardly posted pictures of my builds anywhere, because I’ve always been somewhat ashamed of it. Cables are always sticking out of everywhere, almost always too lazy to work on cable management of any kind. However, very recently a good friend of mine posted a picture of his custom build for a client, that’s when it hit me. I finally found the inspiration to make the inside of my computer look nicer for a change.

Package comes FOUR individual tools.

First we’ll be looking at is the Double Ended Universal Molex Removal Tool. To remove molex pins with a small ordinary phillips head screwdriver is pretty simple, bend the two side pins in the molex header will come right off. However, the problem is to aim it right, and get it out of the clear molex headers it'll take me a good min or so, and it takes a lot longer to remove them from a darker colored headers. With this tool, you can simply dock on the pin and pull the wire. It saves the hassle of bending the pin back after removing it with the screwdriver.

A side from the molex header remover, the two pin Molex Mini Fit Pin Extraction Removal Tool is a MUST have tool for cable modification of any kind. It is almost impassable to remove any of the 4/6/8/20/24 pin power cable for the motherboard, video card cables as well as most of the modular power supply headers without this handy tool. Same concept, jam it in and pull the cable.
Note: if the remover is in the right place, shouldn't require Arnold Schwarzenegger's assistance to pull the cable out, or else remove the tool and try it again.

Next up we have the 3/4 pin Fan header remover. Personally, I don't find this as mandatory as the first two. Once again, after years of using the micro Phillips head screwdriver, it's almost quicker to remove them my old fashioned way, but instead of coming out one by one this tool removes all 3 or 4 pins in the header and keeps in order. 

Six-pin Aux power connector?  Haven't seen one of these for quite some time now. It is very useful to remove SATA power connectors with this tool. I also find this tool imperative when it comes to pushing cable into the SATA power connecter socket without damaging the cable.

Ø  Lowest price as a package
Ø  Beautifully made
Ø  Easy to use
Ø  Great seller-customer communication

Ø  International shipping
Ø  Six-pin Aux connector remover can be bent very easily (see picture above)
Ø  Slippery with sweaty hands 

Final thoughts:
The tools are very handy, extremely easy to use, but could use some rubber padding on the sides to provide more grips for sweaty hands. The first time I used this set of tools it only took me less than 45min to sleeve a full set of SATA power cable for Antec High Current Pro HCP-800/Platinum HCP-1000.

PART TWOSleeves - Axon XE-1
I've always been a fan of the combination Red and Black, since my case is the Thermaltake New Soprano  Black, I'd figured now is the perfect time to sleeve the cables red.

The product speaks for itself, the most gorgeous red. Since the sleeve is made out of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) the elasticity, and long lasting guaranteed.

Aside from Candy Red, AXON offers options such as Braided Black, Aqua Blue, UV Green, Yellow, White, Grey, and Dark Blue in variety size options such as 2mm, 3mm, SATA rated ect.

Just like all other sleeves, most of the time melting the opening is recommended or it'll just split like the picture shown above.

Combining the right tool and the easy to use sleeves, only took me no more than 45min from opening the package to finish. 

Once again, this is the first time ever sleeving any power cable from start to finish, please give me some feedbacks.

Ø  The most gorgeousred imaginable
Ø  Very easy to install, once you get a hang of it
Ø  Elasticity

Ø  Comes in ellipse shaped
Ø  Harder shell

Final thoughts:
Since this is the first time sleeving anything from binging to the end, it took me a little while to realize what to do, but once I got the hang of it it's as simple as pie. Unless you don't like pie.A lot of the time with the extra lighting attention and photoshopping, what's shown in the picture by the sellers is different from what you get in real life, but these sleeves comes in the most gorgeous red I've ever seen. The current generation cable sleeving comes in ellipse shaped, will require addition steps to make the sleeves fit right. The elasticity is both pro and con, in many cases, the elasticity will hold the cable in place, but to make the elasticity last, the sleeve itself is also make the sleeves itself very hard.

Seller information: www.axonmodding.com

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