Sunday, July 14, 2013

Axon XR-2 Cable Sleeve

A few months ago, I’ve picked up some cable sleeves from Axon, I was very satisfied with the product, just as I thought the product could get any better, Axon came out with the all new XR-2 sleeves.

The sleeve is still made out of PET (polyethylene terephthalate), so long lasting elasticity is differently guaranteed.

So far, I've been very pleased with the new Axon XR-2 sleeves. They are shipped completely circular, which makes them much easier to pass the cables though compared to the original version. Good first impression here.

As up to now, I've sleeved few sets of molex and SATA power cables and it is unbelievable how easy the cables can be slide right through.

Note: unlike every other ordinary sleeves, do not melt the ends; it could potentially make passing the cables though harder.

Following suit with the original version, Axon offers Banana Yellow, Purple, Black, Royal Blue, Grey, Sky Blue, Orange, UV Green, UV Yellow, Simple White and Candy Red.  

Ø  The gorgeous color can sell itself (Cherry Red is MAGNIFICENT!)
Ø  Easier to install, even for first timers
Ø  Elasticity
Ø  Perfect for single wire sleeves 
Ø  No slips after cutting

Ø  Doesn't look as good as the XE-1 for multi-cable single sleeves
Ø  Only 3mm is offered during initial release

Final thoughts:
Current generation sleeve is noticeably easier to work with; no longer need the extra steps to melt the ends of the sleeve before passing cables though them. For single wire sleeve, the new XR-1 works great; however, feeding multiple wires into the sleeves, the original ellipse shaped XE-1 can provide the cleaner and slicker looking outcome. The strong elasticity holds everything in place nice and clean, just be sure use the comparable length and sized heat shanks.

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