Saturday, August 2, 2014

ATI Firepower Xtreme: Military 1911

Before reading on please keep in mind, this is my first 1911 everything below is my personal opinion.

ATI 1911s are made by Shooters Arms Manufacturing in the Philippines and imported by American Tactical Imports; it is based on the Series 70 G.I. Style.

This gun came in a cardboard box with only (1) ACT-MAG magazine and (1) standard gun luck. Comparing to the most other popular 1911 comes in a custom fit gun case, most likely TWO magazines and potential other accessories.

When I first got the gun it was very dry, so took it apart, cleaned the parts and oiled it, and it’s been shooting flawlessly since day one.

Basic but solid
The stock trigger came with the gun is very nicely fit, absolutely no positive or negative trigger what so ever. All fittings are very close; in some areas it looks closer fitted than my buddy’s Colt, and makes no rattling sound what so ever

Again, this is a very basic 1911; comes with replaceable front and back G.I sights

ATI 1911 came with a pair of beautiful slim mahogany wood grips, and like all other 1911s the grips can be swapped out very easily

I don’t have the world’s smallest or biggest hands, as you can see in the pictures below, I was able to stretch it a little on the Glock, but I have no problem holding it; as the 1911 on the other hand, the slim mahogany wood grips made it where I am able to hold it very conformably

Ø  Low and affordable price
Ø  Easy and smooth to shoot
Ø  Good build quality
Ø  Mainspring housing w/ lanyard loop is included with the gun

Ø  The finish could be scratched very easily
Ø  Accessories came with the gun are very basic
Ø  Potential problem when replacing the stock sights
This is a great 1911 to start out with, learning how 1911s function, how they shoot, and more importantly how to take care of them; but the only difference I can tell from my friend’s Kimber or Colt is this is a matte finish instead the polished shiny finish.

That being said and done, after almost 300 rounds of mix ammo between Tula steel casings, both new and remanufactured brass ammo, (4) different kinds of hollow point including +Ps I haven’t had a single jam or FTF (Fail-to-Feed). I am very comfortable to say this will be one purchase you will not regret.

Side note:
1.      Don’t take the grip screw bushing off the gun, unless it’s absolutely necessary, the fitting is very tight, will take some time to reinstall it back on
2.      Do not lose the recoil spring plug, not all replacements will fit