Sunday, April 28, 2013

Logitech Laptop Speaker Z205

I was cleaning my car and found my old Logitech Laptop Speaker Z205, this is a portable speaker recommended to people on the road all the time but still wanting a decent sound quality with lightweight and compact.

Ø  USB type A to mini B
Ø  Carrying bag

Ø  3.5mm stereo jack

The sound quality is significantly better and louder than almost all laptop speakers are, simply because these are standing up and aiming directly towards the user, but do not expect any bass out of them. Normally I will start to notice distortion around 85% of the max volume.

The clamps are very solid and padded, so nothing is going to be scratched. The unit does not have to be clamped on to the laptop at all time; the clips can also be used as stands when they are not clamped onto anything.

Aside from the ON/OFF switch on the top, unit also comes with a physical volume UP and DOWN button. The volume UP and DOWN button directly controls your system volume.

Ø  Logitech build quality
Ø  Amazing sound for its size and power requirement
Ø  Pure Plug n' play (See Other thoughts)
Ø  No driver required for anything Windows XP and up

Ø  The clip may be too small for some places
Ø  No self powered option available

Other thoughts:
Found this in the back of my Lexus, and I am pretty sure it's been back there since the day my parents came back from China, after almost a two year of beating it took in the back of the trunk and still works like just came out of the box. Sound quality great considering this is an USB powered speaker. This unit is pure Plug n' play, as in even if you are too lazy to install the driver for your sound card it'll still work like a champ.

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