Sunday, November 27, 2011

[Project] Server Underground 102300

Most of you guys don't really know me yet, My name is Tu Fu (yeah for real no BS!), I am from Brentwood TN. I like to just build random stuff, and link them up with my central mainframe aka. my big server and play around.
Here is a little project I have done not terribly long ago.

System Setup. (#1023000)
Atom 330
1x2GB Gskill Pi 1066 (with out heatsink wouldn't fit with heatsink)
120W Power supply
1x 80GB 7200RPM 2.5in HDD for OS
2x 1TB 7200RPM for file (the one hanging out side of the case)


This rig mainly used to manage my school work, and keep my projects on file so I can access it any where and any time I want.

Motherboard is BOXD945GCLF2D, it's got absolutely no overclocking ability at all. So instead of benching it and playing around with it I got a 120W case and turned it into a Micro server code name Server Underground.

Here is an idea of how TINY this board is.

Even tho the computer was not overclocked at all, but i still wanna keep it as cool as it can be, if you didn't know, Tennessee is in the south, it's kinda hot as hell in the summer time :banghead:
So I remembered I got 10 of those full copper CoolerMaster NB/SB coolers

And as you can see there after installing the CoolerMaster "CPU" cooler
Oh wait! there wasn't a fan on the CPU heatsink before! :shadedshu
The one with fan is it's Northbridge and the black heatsink is the Southbridge

Closed Case Back view

Closed Case with HDD view from back

Let me know what you think

Sunday, November 13, 2011

First of everything

Welcome to my review blog, I am a huge fan of new toys, from computers to cars I love them all :) and in here I can share my point of view with everyone who's got similar interests and have everyone's feed back as well.